1Power Cybersecurity & Cyber Intelligence Research.

Easytech4all has launched 1Power Cybersecurity & Advanced Cyber threat Intelligence Research Platform.

Focus Areas :

  1. Identify Vulnerabilities, Malware, Ransomware, Trojans, Phishing, spyware, hacking, crypto mining, crypto jacking, spam, Adware & Virus threats for mobile Ecosystems like Android & IOS.Advanced Threat Intelligence Research.
  2. Research Various Data Protection & Information Security Protocols & Paradigms.
  3. Study opensource Encryption Algorithms.
  4. Analyse the threat & mitigate the risks.
  5. Conduct Research for our Clients viz Global Agencies & international organisations.
  6. Easytech4all is member of UNDP solution exchange Initiative & Internet Society.
  7. LinkedIn Career Advice Community.
  8. StationX Certified CISM.
  9. Cybrary certified Adv Cyber Threat Intel.
  10. Plural sight Certified Computer Security & Digital Forensics.
  11. Google Digital Sales & Marketing.
  12. Codestars by Rob Percival.
  13. 19th International Business Horizon Inbush Era World Summit – Corporate Excellence Award.
  14. Google Cloud OnAir – Remote Working with Gsuite.
  15. Kaspersky APAC Virtual Cyber Insights – Threat Intel & Security Operations Center Empowerment.

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UNDP Soln Exchange Member (11 Years)

1Power CyberSec

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Mooc certification

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Corporate Exvellence Award

IIT Delhi Webinar on Artificial intelligence
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