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Role of AI and CyberDefense Threat Intelligence in Military Defense Industrial Complex. 🤖💻🚀✈️🪖☢️☣️

Future Projection Analysis based on Current Trends. By Easytech4all.net

  1. The Worlds largest Industry is the Military Industrial Complex.
  2. Pacifism and Peace undoubtedly being the most desired outcome of any diplomacy..still continue to elude humanity.
  3. The World is becoming heavily Militarised after the Advent of Smart Technologies. Regional Conflicts for scarce resources are erupting at a rapid pace. World War 3 may not be a distant Dream now.
  4. Medical Practitioners and AI Cyberdefense Threat Intelligence Professionals cast the most significant impact on the Military Industrial Complex.
  5. Medical Practitioners play an important role during Full scale Military Kinetic War and Conflagration. Microbiologists and Virologists play an important role in BioWarfare.
  6. As far as AI Engineers are concerned all Smart Defense systems have huge potential for innovation. From Facial and object Recognition to Missile cum Aircraft Smart Navigation systems. AI impacts everywhere. Military Robotics by DARPA and Boston Dynamics is a popular example here. Combat Drones are the smartest weapons in the Military Arsenal that determine the outcome of most battles today. They are Low Cost AI flying Machines when compared to 5th Generation Fighter Aircrafts.
    Elon Musk recently said that the era of Fighter Jets has passed . The Future belongs to Combat Drones. And if you thought that Hollywood’s Iron Man was a figment of imagination..think again because you haven’t seen the Royal Marines yet. Scifi Hollywood and the Gaming industry is nothing but future Projection and Analysis. AI is the new Nuclear. Anti Aircraft weapons and Smart Missiles that Fly like Airplanes rely on AI systems. Edge Computing is also a game changer in this domain on smart weapons.
  7. Finally CyberDefense Threat Intelligence plays an undeniable role in Full Spectrum Military Cyberspace operations. Cyber is the 5th War Domain after Land , Air , Sea and Space. But Cyber Alone affects all the other domains. Today CyberAttacks can be as deadly as Military Kinetic operations precisely why NATO has brought Article 5 on the table for any APT action on Allied Nations. Meaning that NATO will consider a Cyber Attack on any ally as an attack on all and respond with Military Kinetic Force on the Adversary. Defending the Military , Energy , Avaition , Hospital , Government and Nuclear Critical infrastructure is of great importance today.

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