Microsoft & LinkedIn helping 25 Million Job Seekers.

Microsoft and LinkedIn is helping 2.5 crore people find Good Jobs in 2021 !!!!


Please Read Carefully !!! And Pass it on to our Youth..Get back to me for any further explanation.

According to a study by Microsoft and University of London, we have a massive digital skills gap!

We need ‘creators of digital’…

• Training and developing AI and ML algorithms
• Creating digital materials using coding
• Developing mixed
reality interfaces, such as wearables
• Database development and maintenance
• Computer science modelling
• Hardware, robotics and mechanical engineering
• Security and risk management

And ‘users of digital’…

• Proficient use of business software and platforms
• Evaluating systems to store, query and retrieve online information
• Knowing best practice for evaluating safety and quality of online communications
• Using digital information to determine its credibility and solve problems
• Adopting new technologies with ease
• Competent use of collaboration software

In response to this Microsoft, LinkedIn and GitHub have launched an initiative to help people obtain in demand skills for FREE utilising customised learning paths and content–mGA

So why not take a leap of faith in 2021 and invest in your own learning path, because you never know where it may lead…

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