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The type of #Content you will find on Easytech4all.net

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At https://twitter.com/Easytech4all and Easytech4all.net we encourage and promote open learning IT initiatives .

My core areas of deep IT Research are :

• Mobile Device and online Security
• Encryption
• Virtual Private Network
• Learning Management Solution designed for eBanking,Unified Payment Interface,digital Wallets, eCommerce,iOS, Android & Chromebook.
• Grid and Distributed Computing.
• Open Source Software.
• Digital & Internet Economy.
• Content Management System like WordPress, Weebly, Blogger ,Wix etc.
• Product & Service Digital Marketing.
• Web Apps and Progressive Web Apps.
• Peer to Peer off grid decentralised distributed Mesh Networking.
• Digital Research.
• Database Management on Android , ios and Chromebook.
• Blockchain.

Easytech4all is an Open Source IT Research, e-Education and Digital Media Marketing Platform. We are currently associated with – The Internet Society and UN Solution Exchange Initiative.

We are working in the field of Digital Marketing , Promotion, Research and Technology Education Training .We provide online Consultancy , eBusiness/eCommerce opportunity, State of Art IT Research and training to our clients,Associates and subscribers using popular digital media Platforms. Our Social Media Communities on Google have an aggregate Membership and user base of 11 million plus active users.

We can implement a state of Art Learning Management Solution System in the field of Information Technology for students and Professionals.