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Easytech4all is an Open Learning IT Research, e-Education and Digital Media Marketing Platform.Also a StationX certified Cybersecurity Research Consultancy especially for Mobile ecosystem.Presently we are also studying implementation of Artificial intelligence technology especially for Android & ios platform.Member of United Nations Solution Exchange Initiative and Internet Society. Also engaged in Career Advice hub at Microsoft LinkedIn.

We are working in the field of Digital Marketing , Promotion, Research and Technology Education Training .We provide online Consultancy , eBusiness/eCommerce opportunity, State of Art IT Research and training to our clients,Associates and subscribers using popular digital media Platforms. Our Social Media Communities on Google have an aggregate Membership and user base of 11 million plus active users.

In a Nutshell we conduct extensive Research in the following disciplines :

  1. MOOC, Nano certifications
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Artificial Intelligence tech on smartphones
  4. Android IOS ecosystem
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Mobility and Convergence
  7. WebDev CMS.


Experience & Events :
1) Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Migration Webinar Series.
2) IE masterclass ” Storytelling – The Power to influence with Data Science in collaboration with SAP next gen.
3) IE masterclass on Fintech.
4) Digital Incubation Center – 11th MIT EF Arab Startup competition.
5) Cybersecurity Session by Appsecco at Incubation MotoC.
6) IE informative session – Transform your Career through Data Science & Cybersecurity at Marriott Marquis City Center Doha.
7) Digital Incubation Center “IdeaCamp” Doha.
8) Google Developer Days India 2017.
9) Linkedin Research Survey for improvement of site apps & services.
10) Internet Society – Closing the digital divide by connecting schools.Large scale change to build a digital future that puts humanity at the heart of the Internet.Internet hall of fame induction Ceremony.How will internet impact societies.Paths to our digital future.
11) Google Cloud – Modernising IT in a cloud first World.
12) Apple Support -Feedback Research “ios independence from Itunes”.
13) Apple App Accelerator – Arkit & game technologies day.
14) Trickleup Workshop on “Reaching the last mile”.
15) Trickleup International Summit on ” Transforming Womens Lives : Achieving Economic Empowerment & Justice.”
16) Mobile Marketing Research Paper – “Alexa Social”.

We can also use some of our social media platforms with a user base of 11 million members for eMarketing, Promotion and Brand Building/positioning initiatives.

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