Built in Security for Video meetings with Google MEET.

Why is Easytech4all.net often invited by #Google to attend it’s priceless webinars on security protocols like in this case ? Coz We are keen observers and examiners of Google’s Security standards..The Best practices employed..And we do not shy away from promoting such policies to our clients..So the takeaways from this presentation are : My Notes..

1.Reduced Surface attack by blocking plugins across Chrome, safari , edge and Firefox browsers.The organisations browser is armed with 2FA and APP (Advanced Protection Program)

2.Anti Hijacking measures deployed . Uninvited external participants can join only 15mins in advance.Must be accepted by member of the host organisation..Codes are 10 characters long.

3.Transit data is encrypted by default employing Datagram Transport layer security and Secure Realtime transport Protocol.

4.Unique encryption key per participant.Only lives as long as the meeting lasts.Never stored in disk or memory. transmitted in an encrypted secured RPC ( remote procedure call) during meeting setup.

5.Data at rest is also encrypted in Google drive and later archived in Google Vault.

6.Meet Audit log and access transperancy report.Track video meeting activity in your organization near real time for upto 6 months.

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