Role of Technology in war against Novel Coronavirus

What is the role of technology in the War against novel Coronavirus..Let me quickly put things in perspective.

1.China is employing thermal imaging tech to detect fever through AI.

2.iran has also unveiled its AI powered Covid19 diagnosis tech.

3.Athena CCTV manufacturing company claims its AI security camera can detect Covid19

4.Researchers have been deploying AI to better research the virus.Chest and lung scans are key in this.

5.Alina A’s new AI system can detect the virus in seconds with 96% accuracy.

6.AI may also prevent the next Covid19 outbreak.

7.Google is using location tracking to reveal travel details of users.Community mobility reports are being shared.

8.Companies see working from home as a long term viable option coz it saves commute time and cuts establishment cost.

9.Videoconferencing apps like Skype and zoom top 62 million downloads…But there are some reports about the zoom app having major privacy concerns..

10.MOOC platforms receive a boost due to the pandemic..Like EDx Udemy Coursera etc.

11.Cash is king..Not always..Central banks are pushing contactless payments to counter Covid19..Digital wallets register good growth in transactions.Even WHO released a statement on this.

12.Constellation of Stars..nope..Welcome to the era of internet from deep space..SpaceX Tesla and constellation of satellites are here..Soon 12k satellites will orbit the Earth..The current status being 2000..up to a total of in combo with ground transceivers.

13.EComm companies are hiring more staff as orders pour in..Witness too much growth too soon.

  1. In Britain the 5g towers are being set on fire by conspiracy theorists claiming that radiation from them causes Covid19.

15.But you see pentagon has already announced 5g prototype proposal..US dept of defence is pressing industries for 5g spectrum sharing prototype ideas.5g enabled VR projects in pipeline has volunteered for the largest crowdsourced grid computing project ever by Folding@home..1 million downloads and counting for Coronavirus research..This includes 356k nivida GPUs 79k amd gpus and 593k cpus.And the community has crossed the exaflop barrier..that makes it 10x more powerful than IBM summit..the worlds fastest supercomputer.We folks are staying home and folding home.btw a supercomputer costs anything between $100 to $250 million for design and assembly.not to mention the maintenance costs and around $7 million in energy costs.but to be fair IBM summit has joined the fight as congrats

17.And finally Public Cloud Computing is an unsung hero in the fight against Covid19

Will share the link of my research presentation through email in case you want it.

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