Grid Computing Update in Light of Covid19

As Volunteers after building the World’s fastest Supercomputer accidentally to expedite the drug research for Covid19 now we at are all geared up for the second stage in our battle against the Novel Coronavirus..

It’s called the World Community Grid by IBM..

ORNL has deployed the world’s most powerful and smartest supercomputer, IBM built Summit, in the fight to find a vaccine for Coronavirus.

Also IBM World community grid will soon join the fight against Coronavirus.Just like Folding@Home by Stanford University.

World Community Grid is a simple way to support cutting-edge research into important global humanitarian causes. Your computer or mobile device could be powering scientific research on health, poverty and sustainability.

We are waiting for World Community Grid by IBM to go live asap so that as volunteers we can deploy all our assets like gaming pcs laptops and smartphones to expedite the fight against Covid19 just like we did for Folding@home .


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