Android 10 for you.

UI Changes

  • System-wide dark theme – Notification toggle enables darker apps and associated menus
  • Updated Emergency power menu – Includes an updated icon that is much more universal
  • Device uptime added to Settings > About phone – Check the current uptime of your device since initial power-on
  • Bluetooth devices get colorful icons – Every connected device now has a pastel color icon for easier management
  • Data usage UI tweaks and enhancements – More informative charts and app data usage information
  • Updated APK installer UI – Now follows the rest of the Android 10 UI changes
  • New Password Autofill redesign – Rounder corners and follows the system dark theme setting
  • Updated gestures
    • Back sensitivity gestures – Allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the back gesture
  • Improved share menu – Now includes more app sharing options alongside a new Material Theme
  • New ‘Permissions Manager’ – Manage and control all individual app permissions and access to your device data and sensors
  • Adaptive Notifications now has a revamped settings UI

Usability changes

  • Native Screen recorder – No need to install a secondary screen recording app to share your device display
  • Chat bubbles for app notifications – Can be enabled from within Developer Settings to emulate Facebook chatheads for all notifications
  • Scrubber bar for media in the notification shade – Quickly scrub forward or backward within audio for more fine control
  • Wi-Fi Easy Connect – Scan a QR code to connect or share your Wi-Fi network
  • Audio balance within accessibility settings – Tweak audio balance from left to right for an optimum audio experience
  • Copycat Zen Mode in Digitial Wellbeing – Focus mode allows you to lock out access to select apps for a set period of time
  • Quick settings tile to disable device sensors – Instantly disable every device sensor including GPS, proximity sensor and more
  • Text selection now has haptic feedback – When selecting text your phone will now vibrate as you make a selection
  • Quick settings moves the edit button and carrier name
  • File picker gets an indicator to pull up for more options
  • Sleep setting named Screen timeout – Settings and options remain the same
  • Silent notifications now at the bottom of the notification shade –
  • Long press notifications options – Further options for silencing, editing settings and more
  • Notification channels now have a pop-up panel – Allows you to quickly change app notification settings
  • Wi-Fi password sharing – Quickly share your Wi-Fi network details using a QR code or alternatively the previously entered text passcode
  • Smart battery saver – Further options to set the level at which your phone automatically enters Battery Saver Mode
  • Battery saver disables when battery charged – When charging your phone now leaves Battery Saver Mode when above 90%
  • Night Sight now in Main Camera UI
  • Image previews now in Share Sheet – Get a small preview of the image you’re are sharing
  • Volume settings shortcut now pops up panel in slider – On-screen adjustments can be made for multiple audio settings without needing to enter device Settings
  • Live wallpaper previews – Allows you to see a full-screen preview of live wallpapers before applying
  • Active Edge feedback tweaks – On-screen animations show you more accurate pressure activation information
  • Notification snoozing now disabled by default – Swiping left on a notification within the notification shade only shows settings icon, can be re-enabled within Settings
  • Assistant gesture hints – Small semi-circle hints will intermittently show in the bottom left and right corners should you have navigation Gestures enabled. Swiping diagonally will activate the Google Assistant when in this mode
  • New audio output switching menu – The volume overflow menu now allows you to choose your current audio output in a pop-up menu
  • Smart Reply now everywhere – Contextual smart replies are now available across all apps
  • Android Beam removed – We’re still awaiting a replacement for the wireless NFC file sharing

Cosmetic upgrades

  • Estimated battery life in quick settings – Up in the top right you get an estimation of the lifespan of your device
  • Themes – Brought in with Android Q Beta 1, you can now modify your Pixel theme accent, font sizes, styles and icon shape
  • At A Glance widget on Pixel Launcher now bolder
  • Relocated lock icon on lock screen
  • Grayscale for individual apps – Part of the new Digital Wellbeing update allowing you to set grayscale settings for individual apps
  • App info page redesigned – Gives you a more organized page with key information in headers alongside the app icon
  • Ambient Display shows more music info during playback – Now shows more organized artist, track and album information
  • New battery and Wi-Fi icon – The new icons are hollow and fill when signal strength or battery capacity increases or decreases
  • Profile picture within Settings
  • Emergency information page redesigned – Now visible in a single page view rather than tabbed. Also allows you to add a profile image
  • New enter key on lock screen – Colored ‘enter’ key will follow any device accent theme settings
  • Bell icon on recent notifications – The most recent notification now has a small ‘bell’ icon informing you of which is the most recent
  • Dark theme boot animation – Will change to a light theme respecting system settings
  • Darker fast rotation button
  • Material Theme for Files app
  • Material Theme for Google Wallpapers
  • Gboard adjusts to your accent theme
  • Squeeze to talk now part of Active Edge – A pop-up message appears to prompt you to ‘Squeeze to talk’ and activate the Google Assistant
  • Ending a call now has a new tone

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