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  1. How’s it going, easytech4all?
    Don’t you wish you could be Instagram popular?
    Ever wondered how to be an Instagram Influencer?
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    Presto! Another 87 likes.
    And another message just popped up. It is from some follower asking about your life, and giving you daps on your sixth official month of eating healthy.
    As you read it, you begin to grin. It’s a amazingly sweet-looking person, and they love your posts.
    As you begin to respond, your cell buzzes again.
    It’s another message coming in. You glance up at the clock–almost time for the gym. You will have to reply later.
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    Chow until next time


  2. easytech4all,

    Don’t you wish you were Instagram popular?

    Have you ever thought about how to be an Instagram Influencer?

    Picture this: You arise early in the morning, even before your alarm buzzes.

    You roll over in bed to check your cell.

    Make your way to your page.

    Youare flabbergastered at what you see: Over 832 likes on a single one of your pictures! There, you see a flurry of likes on your pictures–over 738 on a single photo alone.

    Heading to the kitchen, you put the kettle on for some coffee and glance at your Instagram while you wait.

    Presto! Another 20 likes.

    And another message just popped up. It’s from one of your many fans asking about your workout regime, and congratulating you on your third official month of going to the gym.

    As you read it, you begin to smirk. It is a really sweet-looking person, and they love your posts.

    As you sip your tea, you start typing up a response. But then your cell buzzes.

    Oops, another hit. But you can’t hit them back—you’ve got to hit the gym.
    Listen, easytech4all, most people just are not in control of their life. Seriously, they can’t even get themselves to munch a balanced breakfast, much less hit the gym.

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    Chow for now.


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