Microsoft ❤️ Linux

Running #Linux on #Windows ..#Microsoft ❤️ #Linux

One of the more interesting aspects of recent Windows 10 builds is support for the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Designed to make Windows more attractive to developers, WSL lets you run a full Linux install on Windows, translating Linux system calls to Windows calls and allowing you to run Linux without needing a Linux kernel.

Setting up WSL is easy enough; all you need to do is enable feature support for WSL and download a distribution from the Windows Store. Most users will gravitate to Ubuntu, as it’s the most popular distro currently available and was the version Microsoft initially shipped with the first WSL implementations. However, the choice in the Windows Store is bigger and more interesting than Ubuntu. Alongside it you’ll find two releases of SuSE Enterprise Server (12 and 15), Debian, and Kali Linux.

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