Android & iOS based Research Workstation

Just Google the following –

  1. Samsung Dex
  2. Linux Ubuntu on Dex
  3. Huawei easy projection
  4. Android Q desktop mode
  5. Leena Desktop
  6. Sentio Desktop.

All you need is Chromecast and Apple TV…

Android phones today are very powerful.Samsung S8 and Samsung S9 Samsung S9 plus and Samsung tab S4..all these tablets and phones support Samsung dex..Smartphones with SD845, 10gb ram,512gb internal storage..Samsung S10 will have 1tb V-NAND storage with read and write speed up to 1000mb/s..Huawei View20 has dual NPU chipset..can recognise 4500 pictures per second..endless possibilities with application of AI…I personally no longer need Laptops and PCs..

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