Cellphone Hacking on the rise.What needs to be done.

#Hackers #Spammers have been targeting cellphone users for quite sometime now..If u receive a phone call from some random number like this +12645109740 etc..which looks like #voip #call please make sure u do not answer..Well you won’t get hacked just by answering..what happened was at around 22:52 hrs indian time i answered this call and an automated Female voice at the other end said in Hindi that she is not able to hear my voice and requested me to call back.Now here is the exploit..”Never call back”..Block the Number using your #smartphones default feature and also on Truecaller..do not forget to tag the number appropriately using keywords #spam , #hack #danger #Donotanswer etc..Share it on social media…People have been receiving such calls from #Africa #Russia etc..

Privacy Tips :

1.Do not share your primary phone number you use for banking on social media..Have an alternate.

What u need 2 know :

All a hacker needs is your phone number :


#Cellphone #exploits..some #research..Just by receiving calls getting hacked seems highly unlikely.



Do not rely heavily on OTP as the sole 2FA(two factor authentication) ..Use #Google , #Microsoft or Authy #Authenticators .. #Code generators as well..in tandem..


Be careful of Missed calls from Mystery numbers . Never respond by calling back..


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